Commercial Vehicle Help  ACE offer a number of inspections specifically  designed for commercial vehicle operators.    We have introduced PMI (Pre-Maintenance  Inspection) to complement the maintenance  schedule in place and provide an independent  check that the service the vehicle is receiving  is adequate. We provide garage and vehicle  auditing, confirming the servicing agent has  the expertise and equipment to maintain the  vehicles entrusted and that fleets are  receiving the correct daily checks. Pre-  Purchase Inspections for providing help in the  purchase of a vehicle are also available. 
Cost Control  We provide the best and most  effective cost / repair option. We  provide a level playing field for the  customer on difficult technical  issues.  Experience We can help resolve issues that  are proving difficult to understand  and bring to a suitable and correct  finish.
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We can also help and complete independent  operator licensing system checks, confirming the  system is robust and capable of withstanding  auditing. We can provide an independent view to  help and resolve garage and warranty disputes.  We offer special rates for RHA (ROAD HAULAGE ASSOCIATION) Members as an additional benefit.  Join Now