Cost Control  We provide the best and most  effective cost / repair option. We  provide a level playing field for the  customer on difficult technical  issues.  Experience We can help resolve issues that  are proving difficult to understand  and bring to a suitable and correct  finish.
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Corporate Services At ACE we work on behalf of some of the  leading corporate companies in the UK. We  provide many services, which include and are  used in confirming liability, policing of repair  costs and repair methods. We provide full  support and a one stop facility for Mechanical  examinations, Laboratory service, Accident  damage assessment, vehicle audits, garage  audits, fire investigations, witness statements,  accident investigation, locus reports and post  accident repair assistance to ensure that the  repairs undertaken are in line with the final  repair invoice and have been carried out to a  commercially acceptable standard.
We are fully committed to CPR 35 for expert  witnesses. Follow link for further details.  CPR35  Commercial Vehicle Services At ACE we provide specific reports for LGV  operators, which include auditing of the PMI’s, O  Licence assistance, and end of lease reports. We  also provide the full list of services mentioned  above.