Cost Control  We provide the best and most  effective cost / repair option. We  provide a level playing field for the  customer on difficult technical  issues.  Experience We can help resolve issues that  are proving difficult to understand  and bring to a suitable and correct  finish.
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Laboratory Testing  At ACE we have always worked closely with the  laboratories we use. Often the information  provided needs to have an engineering element  added as in isolation the information is not  necessarily complete.  This added to one of our  comprehensive reports provides a further  dimension, adding to the reports strength.  We  use several different specialist laboratories to  complete these reports.  Fire and headspace analysis can add valuable  information as to the cause’s of fire damage and  the accelerant propagating the fire damage.   
Going The Extra Mile... 
Oil and fuel analysis and filter testing are used on  an every day basis to provide further assistance  into fuel or oil related issues and this is now aided  by the use of filter testing.  Tyre analysis can  provide detailed reasoning for tyre failures in  service. We also utilise metallurgy with regards to  the fractures in a material that need a more  extensive detail finding.    We have also had environmental tests done and stability checks using the latest technology. Our ultimate aim is to provide a very comprehensive report on a particular defect or issue.